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Stock trading applications for beginners will make it easier for those of you who have never traded investments before. Starting your investment journey can cause a lot of worries as to what to invest in? How to do it and which stock trading software should beginners use to avoid getting overwhelmed?

This article discusses the best stock trading apps for beginners. Check it out, reviews of some stock trading applications below!

These are the Best Stock Trading Apps for Beginners

The best stock trading apps for beginners are:

TD Ameritrade

Both new and experienced investors can get the most out of TD Ameritrade. This app is declared the best stock trading platform by StockBrokers, NerdWallet and The Motley Fool. There are no fees or account minimums, but you have many investment options such as stocks, bonds, options, margin and more.

TD Ameritrade not only offers extensive research analysis tools, it has an entire educational platform with in-depth courses, articles, videos, and even face-to-face events (if that could happen again).

Stock Brokers

StockBrokers cite Fidelity as the best choice for the everyday investor. Like many of the other options listed, there are no commission fees or account minimums. Fidelity is a stock trading app for beginners that offers more than just trading or trading. You can also invest for retirement.

The platform offers clients wealth management advice and market analysis tools if you want to make your own stock decisions. If you are more experienced with the stock market or plan to become Fidelity also have the Active Trader Pro desktop platform for viewing the markets in real time.


Like TD Ameritrade, E*TRADE is the world's second best stock trading app for beginners. There is a wealth of information for novice investors, and many investment options for those who are more experienced. E*TRADE has no commission fees and no account minimum, so you can get started right away. The app also offers extensive market research. If you are a beginner and want to jump in first or someone who has already invested and wants to learn more consider E*TRADE.


Acorns is a good choice of stock trading app for beginners. Acorns does cost money ($1 to $5 per month, depending on what plan you choose), but it also offers more than just an investment. If you just want to invest, Acorns will only cost you $1 per month.

Acorns is a more holistic finance app with offerings like pensions and checking accounts. This app lets you “invest your change” into stocks: When you link your debit or credit card, Acorns collects your purchases and puts the difference into stocks.


Like Acorns, Betterment offers more than just stocks. With Betterment, you can manage your retirement and checking accounts; it also lets you sync other accounts. The Betterment Digital plan has a 0.25 percent annual management fee, but zero account minimum.

Its other plan, Betterment Premium, has an account minimum of $100,000 and an annual fee of 0.4 percent. This app is a good choice for those who want more hands-off investing, as Betterment offers robo-advisors to handle your portfolio for you.

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